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working title at Studio 4 Berlin

We are happy to collaborate with Studio 4 Berlin.
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3 June – 3 July 2021

Studio 4 Berlin
Krumme Strasse 35-36
10627 Berlin

Opening hours:
Wed-Fri 12 pm - 6 pm
Sat 11 am - 5 pm


Press release by Studio 4 Berlin:

Monika Goetz | Atelier Georg Hornemann | Gerhard Richter | working title

Exhibition 7 at STUDIO 4 BERLIN brings together prominent figures of the art world and contemporary jewelry design with high-end fashion from Berlin. Minimalist-conceptual works by Berlin artist Monika Goetz meet Gerhard Richter's famous series of the Swiss Alps from 1969, jewelry works and objets d'art by Atelier Georg Hornemann and sophisticated design from the fashion label working title. All works share an elegant minimalism, which manifests itself in abstract forms, a reduced color-scheme and — in the case of working title — uncompromising sustainability. Only the finest and carefully selected materials are being used. The exhibition, unusual in its interdisciplinarity, presents both art and fashion in a new light. At the same time, it reveals how art, design and craftsmanship inspire each other: an exciting cross-over of supposedly clearly differentiated media.



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