working title is plastic-free – but there is more.

At working title, we follow an ethical approach that corresponds with our personal attitude to design, nature and living things. We believe that aesthetics and sustainability should go hand in hand and a garment should not destroy our planet.

It is our goal is to design products that last. We aim to find the highest quality raw materials and the best manufacturers to deliver the best product to you. They are thoroughly manufactured and considered as part of your wardrobe.

Please care for them and repair them if necessary.


We founded working title with the idea that aesthetics and sustainability should go hand in hand.

For us a garment should transcend seasons and trends and timelessness is one of our core values in the sense that each garment should be kept, treasured for a long time. Our level of craftsmanship certainly allows us to build this seasonless, long lasting, high-quality wardrobe of essentials.


We strive to minimize our ecological footprint by avoiding overproduction and by producing only what is required. This means most of our garments sold through this website and in our studio are made-to-order only.

The use of 3D tools and digital patternmaking software allows us to manufacture customisable garments paying attention to a client’s body types and individual needs.

Our production takes place in workshops in Italy, Germany and Poland as well in our Berlin workshop in order to have short distances and to avoid unnecessary travelling and transportation.

We aim for our clients to cherish their pieces for a long time, but eventually after a long lifespan, working title garments can be disposed of in a residue-free and compostable manner.

Therefore our garments are completely plastic-free. This means that all of our fabrics do not contain mineral-oil-based ingredients such as polyester, lycra or other. The same applies to any synthetic fillings or padding as well as additional materials, such as threads, buttons and interlinings.

Instead we are using only natural fabrics like linen, cotton and silk, as well as viscose and wool. All our fabrics are sourced exclusively from producers in Europe to whom we have established a long term relationship and that can provide trustworthy information about the origins of their raw materials. To us a deep relationship means more than just a certificate.


We are not a vegan brand but we care about the species. That’s why we do not use exotic furs or skins. All our leathers derive from animals that grew up in Europe. The skins are rhubarb or olive tanned in Germany.

All our woollen raw materials are spun, dyed and woven in Italy and Germany. Almost all of our fabrics and knitting yarns are mulesing-free. The origin of the raw material is documented by our suppliers.


It is within our core values that every human involved in the process of manufacturing our garments is payed a living wage. Our collections are produced in small, family owned workshops in Italy, Germany and Poland. For us it is important to maintain a relationship with our partners. We are visiting them regularly to ensure the best support and to guarantee healthy working conditions.

We thrive to challenge the industry standards and hope our slow and ethical approach will create positive change.