Welcome to working title. Born in Berlin in 2018, our studio is a collaboration between fashion and architecture. Founded by Antonia Goy and Bjoern Kubeja, we blend disciplines to create designs that last and inspire.

Our Philosophy is simple: design with purpose, sustainably. We see every piece as a dialogue between form and function, crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Craftsmanship and Sustainability are our core. We focus on longevity, employing local artisans and carefully chosen materials to ensure every creation respects the environment.

Our Collection spans fashion, jewelry, interiors, and objects, each designed with our signature blend of innovation and tradition. Made-to-order, every piece reflects our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Visit Our Studio to see where imagination meets creation. Explore our work online or at select events and retailers globally.

Join Our Journey. Embrace a new standard of luxury, defined by sustainability and innovation. With working title, discover design that transcends.