For working title, we are taking an ethical approach that corresponds to our personal attitude to design, nature and living things.

Our goal is to design products that last. We aim to find the highest quality raw materials and the best manufacturers to deliver the best product to our customers.

For this we encourage you to care!

But even after a long lifespan, our garments can be disposed of in a largely residue-free and bio-degradable manner.

Therefore we work on a completely polyester and petroleum-free basis. This means that we do not make use of any fabrics containing polyester or Lycra, or any synthetic fillings or padding, turning instead to only natural fabrics and materials.

Fabrics will be sourced exclusively from producers that can provide trustworthy information about the origins of their raw materials.

Our producers in Germany, Austria and Italy are largely certified under GOTS, IVN, ÖKOTEX, 4Sustainability.

Our wool fabrics and knitting yarns are mulesing free, and are spun, dyed and woven in Italy. We are using ecological linen, cotton and silk, as well as viscose/Tencel by Lenzing (Austria) to guarantee that only wood from sustainably managed forests is involved. All additional materials, such as threads, buttons and interlinings, are also free of synthetics.

Our collection are produced in Italy, Germany and Poland.