It is our ambition to design clothes that accompany the wearer for a long time:
comfortable, natural, protective.

Garments for everyday – but also for those special moments.
Uniting attitude – and ease.

Luxury, for us, means being perfectly dressed. Effortlessly.


The brand working title was founded in 2018 by fashion designer Antonia Goy and architect Bjoern Kubeja. 

Based on our many years of experience, our label combines upmarket aesthetics and quality with sustainability. It is our goal to develop contemporary yet long-lasting products that reflect the highest level of design and craftsmanship.

A raw material’s origin is not the only crucial aspect of sustainability for us, but also that after a long lifespan, a product can be disposed of in a largely residue-free manner. To accomplish this, we have chosen to refrain from using polyester in the entire collection. 

Utilizing premium materials, working title creates distinctive and luxurious garments for daily use as well as unusual statement pieces of the highest quality, all produced locally. The fabric range includes pure materials such as wool, silk, cotton and Tencel from selected and certifiable European producers, with which we create casual, urban and perfectly tailored silhouettes.

Prior to our official launch, working title was already invited to participate in the prestigious VOGUE SALON.

Since January 2019 our brand is participating at German Sustain Concept - a 2 year mentorship programme initiated by Fashion Council Germany - to develop sustainable businesses.